Annals of the American Thoracic Society

Hengliang Lv, Xin Zhang, Xueli Zhang, Junzhu Bai, Shumeng You, Xuan Li, Shenlong Li, Yong Wang, Wenyi Zhang, Yuanyong Xu. (2024) Global prevalence and burden of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis from 1990 to 2019. BMC Infectious Diseases 24:1.
Online publication date: 22-Feb-2024.
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Online publication date: 16-Nov-2023.
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Online publication date: 1-Dec-2023.
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Online publication date: 19-Apr-2023.
Arce Domingo-Relloso, Angela L. Riffo-Campos, Martha Powers, Maria Tellez-Plaza, Karin Haack, Robert H. Brown, Jason G. Umans, M. Daniele Fallin, Shelley A. Cole, Ana Navas-Acien, Tiffany R. Sanchez. (2022) An epigenome-wide study of DNA methylation profiles and lung function among American Indians in the Strong Heart Study. Clinical Epigenetics 14:1.
Online publication date: 9-Jun-2022.
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Online publication date: 1-Aug-2022.
Marisa Sobel, Ana Navas-Acien, Martha Powers, Maria Grau-Perez, Walter Goessler, Lyle G. Best, Jason Umans, Elizabeth C. Oelsner, Anna Podolanczuk, Tiffany R. Sanchez. (2022) Environmental-level exposure to metals and metal-mixtures associated with spirometry-defined lung disease in American Indian adults: Evidence from the Strong Heart Study. Environmental Research 207, 112194.
Online publication date: 1-May-2022.
Andreea-Daniela Meca, Liliana Mititelu-Tarțău, Maria Bogdan, Lorena Anda Dijmarescu, Ana-Maria Pelin, Liliana Georgeta Foia. (2022) Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: From Novel Pharmacotherapeutic Approaches to Management of Post-Tuberculosis Sequelae. Journal of Personalized Medicine 12:4, 569.
Online publication date: 2-Apr-2022.


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Annals of the American Thoracic Society

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