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*These authors contributed equally to this work.

Corresponding author (e-mail: ).

Supported by NIH grants AI130110, AI151230, and AI142256 to J.S.Y., HL143000 to B.A.W., and AR061385, AR070752, DK106394, and HL138570 to J.M., as well as by U.S. Department of Defense grant W81XWH-18-1-0787 to J.M. A.D.K. was supported by an NIH T32 fellowship funded by NIH grant GM068412 and the Ohio State University Presidential Fellowship. Z.L. is a visiting scholar at Ohio State University and received partial support from the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Author Contributions: J.M. and J.S.Y. conceived the study. A.D.K., Z.L., Z.B., X.Z., H.L., and C.C. performed experiments and analyzed data. B.A.W., T.T., C.C., J.M., and J.S.Y. provided supervisory project leadership and oversight. T.T., J.M., and J.S.Y. drafted the manuscript with substantive editorial input from all authors. All authors approved the final submission.

Originally Published in Press as DOI: 10.1164/rccm.202007-2908LE on October 8, 2020

Author disclosures are available with the text of this letter at


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American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

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